School Values

Mission Statement

Ambrosoli is a community-minded school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.


Our Vision

Empowering pupils to become confident, compassionate and internationally-minded learners.

Ambrosoli Values and Learning Goals

Ambrosoli has a set of core values supported through the IPC’s personal learning goals. Our personal learning goals are:

 We are Adaptable                            

We are Ethical

We are Communicators                    

We are Resilient

We are Thinkers                                 

We are Respectful  

We are Creative

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

At Ambrosoli, we review our strategy, vision and goals on a three-year cycle. Our strategic plan for 2021-2024 is driven by five strategic priorities. These are:

Each strategic priority is supported by work plans that support our progress towards key objectives and focus areas. We are excited about the improvement strategy for the next few years, which focuses on the continuous improvement of our facilities, our learning and teaching and ensuring that we keep up with current educational practices. All of our focus areas and goals are planned with the children as central to the growth and development of the school.