Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent and Teacher Association is a key part of the Ambrosoli community. All parents with children at Ambrosoli are automatically members of the PTA, as are all staff. Events are organized through the PTA Committee, a group of volunteer parents open to all parents, and at least two staff members, including a teacher. The PTA nominates a PTA Representative to the Board of Governors who serves as a conduit for PTA and parental issues as well as keeps the PTA informed of BOG initiatives and priorities relevant to the PTA.

The PTA’s primary role is to organize social events for the school giving parents, children and teachers an opportunity to connect and interact as a part of the unique Ambrosoli community. It also serves as an informal way for parents to exchange and discuss information and concerns about the school.

PTA events include the inaugural potluck dinner which kicks off the academic year to the Quiz & Curry Night, Family Football Fiesta, Christmas Fair, movie nights and capping the year with the Family Fun Day and end of year party.

The money raised at the PTA events is used to fund special projects for the school and a designated charity chosen by the School Council on every year.

The PTA relies entirely on parent volunteers to help organize and staff PTA events. If you want to learn more about the PTA, or volunteer for an event, please join the regular PTA meeting (announced in the newsletter) or email at

Class Parent Representative (CPR)

Each class at Ambrosoli has a Class Parent Representative who is a parent volunteer. There is also a designated CPR Representative who is part of the PTA Committee and liaises and coordinates communications with all the CPRs. The CPR provides information to class parents on upcoming class and school events, and assists the class teachers in organizing parental involvement for school events, often through class WhatsApp groups. CPRs are also another informal channel of communication between parents and the PTA, and may bring general issues to the attention of the PTA Representative.

If you have questions for the CPR generally or for the CPR Representative, please email