Board of Governors (BOG)

The Board of Governors has a vital strategic role in advising the Board of Directors of Ambrosoli Limited and the school Senior Management Team, led by the Head of School, to ensure that Ambrosoli delivers high-quality education, supports the well-being of its students, is well managed for its long term financial viability, and that the school delivers on its vision and mission. The BoG is comprised of both parental and non-parental volunteers, with a maximum of eleven members, two of which are nominated by the Ambrosoli Limited Board of Directors. The BoG also includes the current Head of School, a PTA representative and a teacher representative. For more information about the Board of Governors and the school’s governance structure, please consult the Governance Manual. Questions about the BoG may be directed to

Fiona Davies Chair  
Peter Ellis Co-Chair  
Daniel Sissling Board Member
Einar Fogh Board Member
Carin Mirowitz Board Member
Kutchi Katto Board Member
Diane Vuletich Teacher Representative
Emma Norris Head of School
Robert Kabushenga BOD Representative and Member
Anne Katahoire BOD Representative and Member