Pastoral Care and Wellbeing


At Ambrosoli International School, we focus on teaching the whole child. Social development is as valued as academic development. To that end, we provide a range of pastoral opportunities to support and develop social learning. 

Dedicated Counselling and Wellbeing Staff: We have dedicated counselling staff and a well-being room set up at school. 

Listening Ear and Wellbeing Room: We run a listening ear programme to support students experiencing social difficulties and challenges. 

Student Ambassadors: The school offers a variety of positions of responsibility that allow our students to develop leadership skills. Some of these include student council, house captain and school librarian roles. 

PSHE Curriculum: We run PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) classes, using the Jigsaw programme alongside our school’s Personal Learning Goals. 

After School Activities: We have after-school clubs that promote and develop children’s learning across a wide array of skills and topics.

Mindfulness: At Ambrosoli, we base our behaviour management expectations on mindful learning. We use mindfulness as a strategy for all children and encourage the children in mindfulness techniques.