Application form
Fees Structure
Admissions Policy


Ambrosoli is a non-selective school educating students from the local and international communities in Uganda providing, where possible, for the special and individualised needs of all its students.

Before starting at Ambrosoli International School, the following is required:

1. Complete a copy of an Application form ($150 application fees)

2. Offer of school place(s) and meeting with Head of School (if available in the country)

3. Payment of admission fees to secure the place(s): – US$500 Enrolment fees and US$1,100 capital levy (per family)

4. Completion and submission of a full enrolment form with supporting documents

School sends a Confidential Reference Form to your child’s current/previous school (if required)

Enrolment Ages and Class Groups 22/23

Nursery(Seedlings) September 2019 to August 2020 2 years + Preschool Maternelle 1e Section Baby class
Kindergarten (Sunflowers) September  2018 to August  2019 3 years + Preschool Maternelle 2e Section Middle class
Reception September 2017 to August  2018 4 years + Pre-K Maternelle 3e Section Top class
Year 1 September  2016 to August  2017 5 years + Kindergarten Great section P1
Year 2 September  2015 to August  2016 6 years + Grade 1 Cours Preparatoire P2
Year 3 September  2014 to August 2015 7 years + Grade 2 Cours Elementaire 1 P3
Year 4 September  2013 to August 2014 8 years + Grade 3 Cours Elementaire 2 P4
Year 5 September 2012 to August 2013 9 years + Grade 4 Cours Moyens 1 P5
Year 6 September  2011 to August  2012 10 years + Grade 5 Cours Moyens 2 P6


Please note that as our school year runs from the beginning of September, the student’s date of birth must correspond to the year groups listed. For example, in Reception Class, children must be four years old by the 1st of September. Alternative placement (in exceptional circumstances) is at the discretion of the Head of School.

Children can be enrolled throughout the year, according to availability. Our classes are small to give full attention to each child and we aim to keep our class sizes at an optimum level of 22 children, each with an internationally qualified teacher and learning assistant (LA).